(Infographic)Vaping Is 95% Healthier & 40% Cheaper Than Smoking

Public Health England recently published the results of study where they are publicly endorsing vaping, saying vaping can make  “significant contribution to the endgame of tobacco”. We put together an infographic which summarizes the study results of the following questions:

  • What is the relative harm of various nicotine products?
  • Are eCigarettes a gateway into smoking?
  • Are eCigarettes an effective tool for cutting down or quitting all together?
  • What are the main risks?
  • What impact is mis-information having?

  • Under the “Main Risks” in your Infographic, you say that the risk of poisoning from e-cig liquids is “comparable” to that of “potentially poisonous household substances”?

    The vaping community is making the same mistake that many in the smoking community did for decades: you are giving credence to phraseology that amounts to little more than outright lies.

    In the past ten years in the US (I don’t know UK figures, but I doubt the meaning would be much different.) there have been roughly 70,000 childhood deaths from ingesting ordinary Aspirin. There have been an unknown (to me at least) number, but likely also in the tens of thousands, of child deaths from ingesting the mentioned other “potentially poisonous household substances”

    Meanwhile there has been ONE such death from e-cig liquid.


    is being stated here as “comparable” to roughly


    I think you are doing vaping a great disservice by granting the Antivapors a reasonable basis for their claim about a “poisoning problem.” Can e-cig liquid be poisonous? Sure it can. Is it a risk worth headlines when compared to the almost hundred-thousandfold greater risk from Aspirin? Of course not. Those headlines represent yellow journalism, not public education and information.

    Michael J. McFadden
    Author of “Dissecting Antismokers’ Brains” and “TobakkoNacht — The Antismoking Endgame”

    • Calireefer

      Meanwhile there has been ONE such death from e-cig liquid.


      Not true. If you read facts of the story, the child drank from a bottle of 100mg nicotine base, an ingredient used in making e-liquid. The child did NOT die from drinking e-liquid.

      • Cali, you are correct, but unfortunately the distinction is probably too fine a detail to make much difference to the general public. The distinction between one death and 70,000 deaths is pretty blatant though. I’m glad you followed up with the correction though… it’s good to have that pointed out and I should have included at least a note to that effect.

        – MJM

  • Philip Darling

    I agree with Michael. We as a vaping community must remain vigilant and not allow ourselves to be blinded by the headlines, without reading the substance of any report that will affect us all. PHE have now printed their response to the Lancet, and refute the allegations that there are any conflicts of interest contained within the PHE report. This all should be good news for vapers, however as we all know, vaping has been a “grass-roots” phenomena which inevitably has now got to the point of being so popular that those in power; govt, big pharma and big tobacco all feel that they can control and use as another tool for smoking cessation, and therefore they need to licence it and restrict it’s production and manufacture to the big three’s own methods – so far this suggests sealed cartridges with a minimal amount of eliquid contained within, and of course there will be restrictions on the devices that will be able to be attached, which is partly responsible for the phenomena in the first place. We know some form of taxation is on the way, I just ask that everyone puts away their Union flags until we have been able to get to the truth about what PHE intend to do next with their evidence.

    • Philip, it’s not so much what PHE will do with these numbers as what the Antismokers will do with them. They’ll just take their fantasy number of “One billion smoking deaths projected in the 21st Century” and say, “Even if the PHE is correct, there will be 50,000,000 CHILDREN who will eventually die from vaping if it is not eliminated.”

      You can’t give them an inch, or they’ll take a mile. A proper statement from PHE would have been along the lines of “After dozens (or, more likely I believe, hundreds) of studies so far, present evidence suggests that there is no harm at all from vaping good products in a normal manner.”

      To see how the science is being abused by those against vaping, read the brief excerpt from the “Of Vapors and Vapers” chapter in the Book Selections tab at http://bit.ly/TobakkoNacht

      **COULD** there be harm? Yes. It’s possible that we’ll find that regular heavy vaping of PG/VG and/or nicotine at normal levels of use throughout one’s lifetime could have some ill effect (or, contrariwise, beneficial effect) but we won’t know that for quite a while. Meanwhile, there’s most certainly not enough evidence to justify unreasonable regulations, restrictions, or bans.

      – MJM

      • Jeff Pierson

        There are studies back from the early 1970’s I believe that the surgeon general at the time said burning nicotine(cigarettes, cigars, hookah, etc.) while oral use of nicotine such as a lozenge or skin contact(patch) is actually beneficial in multiple ways. Attention can improve, release stress and calm people while also being able to have the reverse effect when desired. Stay awake/stay up. I’ll find a link after this but they also said the other stuff in cigarettes is what keeps people addicted. If someone started vaping with nic for whatever reason it is supposedly much less addictive. There are other statements like how people won’t wake up in the middle of the night and need to smoke after switching and a much smaller morning craving.

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  • If vaping were in as many households in the world as asprin, the number of child deaths from vaping would probably be as high as the ones from those laundry pods, which I believe is more than one. The question here is how many people are trying to keep laundry pods out of the hands of adults? I’m OK with this “similar” to electronic goods and POTENTIALLY poisonous substances in the infographic. I think it adds credibility to our side. HOWEVER, I’d like to plagarise this without a vendor name, can this be “donated” to an advocacy group for re-use? We’re in trouble here in California and half the legislators are anti-business except for computers.

  • Speaking of propaganda… Have you all seen the latest twist from CNN? http://edition.cnn.com/2015/09/04/us/vaping-abuse/index.html

    Here’s my take on the article:

    ” ‘It’s the concealment method; we don’t know what is in a vape pen until we actually have it tested by a forensic laboratory,’ said Supervisory Special Agent John Scherbenske” I wonder if this SUPERVISORY Special Agent has been around long enough to have lived through the NIGHTMARE of Alice B. Toklas Brownies! Back in the day when Elliot Mess was saving our cities from hordes of ENGORGED HIPPIES high on chocolate brownies that children loved until they WENT MAD FROM “a deadly concoction of chemicals, often a product of China, known as synthetic drugs” and wiped out ENTIRE NEIGHBORHOODS in a stoned-out HAZE OF DEATH!
    Of course the story notes that “several” vape shop owners “tell us” they don’t sell to under 18s (thereby implying that there were also ones who refused to say such a thing) and then goes on to talk about uncontrollable vaping in classrooms because the teachers are all so nearsighted that they’re totally dependent upon their sense of smell to control what their students are doing during classes.
    If we could package whatever it is the Special Agents have been vaping I think we could make a LOT of money. Though probably not enough to pay for a piece of propaganda as transparent as this “news story.” My guess is that the same California Antismokers who suck down tens of millions of dollars in “Tobacco Control” money every year and are already bludgeoning the media with the start of a massive ad campaign to raise cigarette taxes by $2 more per pack for their pockets are likely behind this particular piece of… of… synthetic drug vapor.
    – MJM

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  • Jenny

    Thanks for the great info-graphic! Could you tell me what the bolded orange line in the first bar graph means? At first glance it looked to me like ecigs were 100% as dangerous as cigarettes!
    Thanks. 🙂

    • tbv

      A great suggestion Jenny, I’ve removed the bold orange.

      • Jenny

        Looks much better! Thanks for that. 🙂

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  • Jose da Silva

    Vaping is dangerous, but driving a piece of plastic and metal of 1 ton at 100 km/h is fine, cool and secure!