Nemesis Mod: The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

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Authentic Nemesis Mod Shined
Authentic Nemesis Mod Shined

The nemesis mod is a classic style and has been a favorite for many vapors since 2013. For someone unfamiliar with mechanical mods or the various clones it can be quite overwhelming.

This guide will help you understand mechanical mods, the authentic Nemesis and the many Nemesis mod clones that are available. In clear simple language it describes the most important considerations when purchasing a new Nemesis and maintaining them safely.

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If you are already familiar with mechanical mods then please skip to the relevant section:

  1. What is a mechanical mod?
  2. Why use a mechanical mod?
  3. Are mechanical mods safe?
  4. What is so good about the Nemesis style?
  5. What is not so good about the Nemesis Mechanical Mod?
  6. Authentic Nemesis Mod vs Nemesis Clones
  7. The HCigar Nemesis Mechanical Mod Clone
  8. The FastTech Nemesis Mechanical Mod Clone
  9. Where to find Nemesis Mod Parts?
  10. What is the best rda for Nemesis?
  11. What is the best rba for Nemesis?
  12. What is the best rta for Nemesis?

What is a mechanical mod?

A basic mechanical mod is a metal tube, either stainless steel, aluminium or brass. The tube holds a battery, it has a pin on the tip and when you press the button it forms a circuit. Your chosen atomizer/cartomizer/clearomizer is attached to the top.

As mechanical mods have no electronics, no micro-chips, no internal batteries and no circuit boards they are extremely durable and modifiable.

You can control your vapor experience by adjusting the resistance of the coil. They are easier to use with rebuildable dripping atomizers(RBA) which could best be described as the next generation of e-cigarette device.

Why use a mechanical mod?

Mechanical mod devices are often by people who are looking to blow big clouds(cloud chasers), want to get more flavor or would like a custom look. They are chosen by people who want to push their equipment to the limit they and regular vapers who want the durability & customizability.

Regulated mods have safety features that require any coils used to be able to handle a certain resistance or above. The heads are often listed at 1.5 ohms or higher. When rebuilding devices for electrical devices this constrains how low your coil’s resistance can be. The lower the resistance(ohms) of the coil, the more amps is draws from the unregulated battery which delivers more power to the coil causing juice to be vaporized faster. Giving a strong flavor and more vapor.

Mechanical mods are generally not considered suitable for beginners as you need to have a some basic knowledge about how to use it safely. It isn’t difficult but if you aren’t prepared to spend a little time and money to make sure your device is safe then you should probably stay away.

If you are at the stage where you are rebuilding your atomizers and clearomizers it is often the next logical step.

Are mechanical mods safe?

Mechanical mods aren’t dangerous, they just have more potential to be dangerous than other types of devices if you aren’t sure what you are doing. Regulated mods have safety features which will stop the from reaching a dangerous state. Mechanical mods have no such features. You are responsible for making sure that your device is safe to use.

This sounds a bit scary but it doesn’t need to be. A little knowledge and some good habits that become second nature is all that is required.

EFest IMR 18650 Battery
EFest IMR 18650 Battery

The main aspects to consider are:

  • Use only high quality batteries
  • Use a multimeter/voltmeter/ohm meter to ensure the unit itself(without the battery) doesn’t have resistance
  • Charge your batteries with a quality charger when the voltage drops to 3.6V
  • Use an online or app ohm calculator
  • Get a safety device like the Kick 2 or Vape Safe II
  • Use the locking mechanism when not in use

High quality IMR batteries with a safer chemistry like these IMR Batteries from MyVaporStore are recommended. Never use an ICR(lithium-cobalt) battery which is unprotected in a mechanical mod.

Don’t skimp on safety, a good multimeter/voltmeter/ohm meter like the Extech MN35 Digital Mini MultiMeter is important if you want to know:

  • what your battery voltage is
  • your charger is working correctly
  • if you have built a shorted coil
  • if you have built a coil that is so low that it’s beyond the reasonable discharge rate of your batteries

A high quality intelligent charger like the Nitecore Intelli Charger i4 Battery Charger will protect you against over charging your batteries.

After learning about how Ohm’s law works with this simple explanation you can use calculators such as:

Safety devices such as the Kick 2 or Vape Safe II give you an additional layer of protection. They do however increase the size of your mod.


What is so good about the Nemesis style?

The Nemesis style has been around since 2013 and it’s still extremely popular. The Nemesis style has a simple, elegant but practical design. It suits regular vapors through to those who want to push their devices to the limits. It can handle pretty much any battery configuration and any attachment that you own or want to get.

The features that people find most desirable are:

  • Sleek tube design
  • Versatility
    You can use it with every battery configuration, with or without the Kick by adjusting the screws, switch and switch travel. A massive range of rebuildables and cartomizer tanks will work with it.
  • Simple, effective locking ring
  • Adjustable positive & negative pins
    In other models non-adjustable pins can cause a rattle.
  • Non telescopic
  • Low voltage drop
  • Inexpensive (the clones are anyway!)
  • Parts are replaceable
  • Unregulated power
    This is the same for any mechanical mods. You have the ability to sub ohm(wrapping coils at 0.99 ohms or lower) to increase the wattage output to the device. For regulated power you can also attach a Kick 2
  • Can add the Kick 2 if needed
    This attachment is a regulated power mod chip. I has the ability to change your mechanical and set voltage into a variable wattage. It gives you all the performance of a high end DNA mod, for the low cost of a drop-in module. I recommend that you purchase the Kick 2 module by Evolv or another reputable manufacturer and not a Chinese clone or copy device.
  • With most other non-telescopic mods there’s alot of pin adjusting
  • It is very easy to adjust for batteries and atomizer


What is not so good about the Nemesis Mechanical Mod?

There is a lot going for the Nemesis which explains it’s enduring popularity. Now let’s look at the drawbacks.

The spring is known to annoy some vapers who find it crunch a little. This can be resolved by replacing it with ring magnets.

Magnets smooth out the throw of the switch so there is less chance of the spring crunching or grinding. The magnets create a spring effect by placing them so they repel each other. As long as you don’t drop them the magnets will last much longer than a spring. When the magnets are set up correctly the unit will not accidentally fire if sat down, even when it is quite top heavy.

This YouTube video shows how to install the magnets.

Rice Pin
Rice Pin

In that video you can also see the rice pin.

The rice pin exists it so you can screw the switch into the tube rather than having the button rotate with the whole assembly actually screwing in and tightening up against the battery. It’s essential and can be easily misplaced if it falls out.

To replace it there are many diy options suggested on the internet to use anything from a coat hanger to a wire from a hardware store. If you want to purchase the rice pins from FastTech or FatDaddyVapes they are also quite cheap.

As you can see these are minor inconveniences which don’t affect everyone and can easily be avoided or worked around.

Authentic Nemesis Mod vs Nemesis Clones

The authentic nemesis mechanical mod was produced by a Greek company called Atmomixani. They made a great product and priced at a premium of around $220, putting it out of reach of most vapers. To compound the problem they were either unable to meet the demand or constrained the supply. Many people who wanted to buy them had to wait for extended periods. This unmet demand left the door open for the clones.

Most Nemesis mod clone devices are mass produced in China by a variety of manufacturers, then bought in bulk and sold on for 1/10th of the price. The selling point is the price and the quality can be sacrificed. The quality of the devices even from the same vendor can vary significantly.

There is a risk that a clone that you purchase has issues. It’s worth noting however that authentic mods can also have issues so going authentic doesn’t guarantee you a trouble-free experience.

This sounds a little bleak but the quality of clones has also improved tremendously, often clones are as good or better that the authentic device. On top of that vendors with good reputations have found ways to solve the quality problem and differentiate themselves from the competition.

Atmomixani sell authentic Nemesis mods.

VapeRoyalty deal with the quality issue by doing a quality inspection for every device that does out the door.

FastTech have top notch customer service and returns policy. Undamaged items can be returned within 45 calendar days of delivery.

The HCigar Nemesis Mechanical Mod Clone

Hcigar Nemesis Clone SS7
Hcigar Nemesis Clone SS7

The HCigar nemesis is considered to be a high quality clone of the original. The HCigar nemesis clone is more expensive than the FastTech clone by $10-$15 but isn’t considered to be greatly different in quality.

The risk you take when purchasing is that the vendor doesn’t give you a HCigar mechanical mod and instead a clone of a clone. The way to make sure this doesn’t happen is to purchase your device through a reputable dealer. If you purchase it through Craigslist or eBay you run a greater risk of getting a poor quality clone.

VapeRoyalty are a reputable dealer of HCigar Nemesis clones.

The FastTech Nemesis Mechanical Mod Clone

FastTech are a reputable dealer of high quality Nemesis clones. It is around $10-$15 cheaper than the HCigar but otherwise basically the same.

Where to find Nemesis Mod Parts

Purchasing parts is reasonably challenging for such a popular device. Vendors such as FastTech don’t sell individual parts at all. Given that the prices are so reasonable one option is to purchase another device for the parts.

FatDaddyVapes has the best range of parts for the Nemesis clones.

Vaperev has a good range of parts for the authentic Nemesis.

What is the best rba for Nemesis?

RBA stands for rebuildable atomizer which encompasses all variations of rebuildable device. The main categories are dripping(rda) & tank(rta) atomizers which are covered below.

Other types include gravity/capillary fed, non pressure differential tanks like the GP Heron & Spheroid.

What is the best rda for Nemesis?

Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer(RDA)
Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer(RDA)

RDA stands for rebuildable dripping atomizers. This style is typically short and contains one or more coils and a well to drip juice into via the drip tip. You must manually saturate your wicks once you’ve vaped them dry.

These are considered to be the best option for flavor as more liquid is available to vaporize and more commonly used for sub ohm vaping. The atomizer is much smaller and completely made of metal so they are durable. You can also swap flavors more quickly.

This style is not as practical on the move as you need to constantly re-drip if you are a heavy vaper and you need to carry your juice around with you everywhere.

The most popular options in this category are:

RDA’s are considered to be a better option for newbies as there are fewer things that can go wrong.

What is the best rta for Nemesis?

The Nemesis and the Kayfun Lite
The Nemesis and the Kayfun Lite

RTA stands for rebuildable tank atomizer. A liquid tank with a pressure differential that feeds the atomization chamber.

This style can hold more juice that automatically saturates your wick. They are much more convenient for on the go use but they have their weaknesses:

  • they are more bulky
  • you are stuck with one flavor until you drain them
  • the tank can crack or break and your juice can leak everywhere

The Kayfun Lite is has been one of the most popular rebuildable tanks on the market for quite a while now.

Some newer options that are worth looking at are the Squape Reloaded, Youde UD Aga T7Orchid.



The Nemesis is a fantastic design and whether you decide to purchase an authentic or one of the clones you can’t go wrong.

Vaping is based on personal preferences so if you disagree with anything or have a strong opinion then please share it in the comments.

Thank you very much for reading 🙂