eLeaf iStick 50 Watt: Problems & Solutions

eLeaf iStick 50w
eLeaf iStick 50w


The recent release of the eLeaf iStick 50 watt was greatly anticipated. Many buyers already have iStick 20w & 30w devices that they were very happy with. The 50w is a huge leap forward from these devices. It’s high powered, portable and at a great price point. Unfortunately eLeaf seem to have dropped the ball on the manufacturing process and many people are experiencing issues with this device. I’ll going to go through all the issues that are being reported about the device and what you can do about them. Some are user error, some have a work around but a few are also terminal.

The eLeaf iStick 50W was released on January 25th on 2015. Many vapers have had no issues or have experienced some of these and been able to continue vaping with a work around. The following list is the type of issues and the work arounds that can be used.

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This is the most concerning of all the issues reported. If this problem occurs with your device it starts firing when you aren’t even touching it.

At the time of writing this post a poll on ukvaper had 70 responses and 8 of them(11.43%) answered that their device had auto-fired.

The autofiring can occur for no apparent reason but it is also known to occur when you spill juice into the device.

If it starts happening to you then you should consider if you still have a valid warranty with either the manufacturer or the retailer.

The button doesn’t fire unless you push hard

For some people the first click when you press the button doesn’t actually start the firing. You have to push harder and directly down using your finger tip and then the device will fire.

The device cuts out while vaping

This is related to the issue above where the button isn’t being press hard enough. If you don’t press the button hard enough it can temporarily stop firing yet the button still appears to be pressed.

The solution to this is just to push the button harder and be more aware of how much pressure you are applying your button cuts out.

You can’t start the device once it has short circuited

The device has a feature that disables it when it’s detects a short circuit. When this happen’s it feels a bit like your device is bricked as you can’t turn it on and it’s unresponsive.

To get it back up and running again you just have to plug it in.

Threading issues

For unknown reasons this device seems to suffer from threading issues more than others. It may be user error or be something that you are doing but many experienced vapers with a collection are having troubles with threading on the iStick 50w but no others.

When you are vaping continuously you are constantly screwing and unscrewing atomizers multiple times a day.

iStick Bending Adapter
iStick Bending Adapter

To work around this I recommend purchasing an iStick Bending Adapter. I would recommend getting this when you purchase your device as you attach it to the device once and then you attach the atomizers to it. If the threads on the adapter fail it is a cheap replacement. As a bonus it also makes your device more portable.

Check out this video showing the adapter and what you can do if your device is already threaded.


That covers the mains issues that seem to be production problems. There are also other problems that are one-off for a device problems that shouldn’t have gotten through quality control but aren’t indicative of a faulty design.

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  • andrew Lugowski

    I have a problem with my 50W Eleaf, as it locked itself at 5 W. and I can not increased the Watts as it tells me it is locked. I do not know how to unlock it.

    • tbv

      Andrew you have tried holding both the up & down arrows until “unlocked” is displayed. It sounds simple but may take a few tries until you get it.

  • Roni

    Only thing that doesn’t work on mine is the firing button. How do I fix it?

    • tbv

      Hey Roni, have you tried putting more pressure on it? Many of the devices work ok but just need more pressure on the button.

  • Jack

    ok I am really pissed off because I have been searching for ever on how to fix my problem and there are no answers.

    My problem is that my 50w is plugged in and says it is charging but wont turn on. I clicked it 5 times and it just says its charging. If i hold down both arrows it flashes my watts but wont turn on. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • tbv

      It’s possible that the inbuilt temperature or short protection may have kicked in.

      Remove the atty and plug it into charge may bring it back to life.

      If that doesn’t work I would just send it back and get a replacement / repair.

    • Scradley

      It’s possible that the inbuilt temperature or short protection may have kicked in.

      Remove the atty and plug it into charge may bring it back to life.

      If that doesn’t work I would just send it back and get a replacement / repair.

    • Andrea Kaminsky Williams

      Same problem here. Very frustrating. I got mine to turn back on. Had to hit the button 5 times very fast. Hope this helps

  • Elise

    Mine won’t turn on even after I plug it in I get nothing. Please help

  • Jakub Kosiec

    I have a problem where the screen lights up the device turns on and off but it just dosent fire the screen will light up but it won’t fire and I’m pretty helpless at the moment can anyone help I just for it today and it dosent work it onky works sometime when it’s plugged in bur won’t work constantly it will work for 3 puffs and the just

    won’t work

  • jacob

    I just bought mine from a friend for 5 dollars, have no idea about these things at all but i bought it broke in hopes to fix it. It turns on, shows my atomizer is connected, charges fine and everything just won’t hit. Even recognizes that I am pushing the button, I know this from the time passed displayed… Any suggestions? I don’t know much about these guys, so if I was too unspecific then just let me know.

    • John

      Try pressing the button harder. It’ll show up on the screen if you press too lightly on the button. Push down harder.

  • Albert Den Otter


    Thank you for the fix. Now It appears that I can also lock in the settings.

  • Daquan Phelps

    My ecig is just saying power low what does that mean guys i need help

  • SGM U.S. Army (Ret)

    I have a I Stick 50w, placed the atomizer and now it doesn’t recognize the atomizer.
    Says no atomizer. Can anyone help?

    • Scradley

      Try slightly unscrewing it, a lot of mods have problems when the tank/rba is too tight and won’t connect.

    • Sawblade Stainless

      That is because the coil was not made to operating specs. If they are slightly longer you need to put a paper shim between the atomizer. Or your atomizer was machined to a shorter length, and again a shim between battery and atomizer will work

  • phil

    mine has powered off and will not charge when plugged in. does this mean it is definitely a goner or is there something I can do about this?

  • Schorsch

    New iStick 40W TC worked for about JUST right beyond the 30 days warranty, now problems with threading. Ego adapter seems to have fixed it. SHODDY manufacturing, cheap garbage. This was my last istick. Ego VTC VTwo on the way now. Innotech DIsrupter not that much better either. Worked fine for some months, now doesn’t charge right anymore etc. and the pass-through with USB doesn’t work right either. Sort of mad, have three devices here and (ironically) only the old iStick 30W works reliably.

  • Sarah Hayes

    My eleaf istick 50w was working till have 30 minutes ago. It won’t turn back on it will charge but afterwords I won’t come on

  • Cheryl C

    I had the same issue thanks for the fix

  • Solomon .Fuemana

    I have istick50w and it turns on but freezez and doesnt vape unless the charger is connected, Any ideas?

  • Jil

    I am getting a message that says, ” new coil up same down” it had been working fine. I changed the coil & the message is still there

  • Jamie Lyon

    My eLeaf 50w is reading temp protection no matter what I do. I have not used it in two days to see if error message would go away and it has not?? What can I do?? 🙁

  • Erica King

    I dropped my 50w pink vape and it won’t charge nor come on any idea what I can do????

  • John

    I can no longer lock my istick power. The normal method of continually pressing the up and down buttons for 2 seconds does not work. Can anyone help.

    • John

      I finally got it to lock. Sadly it took hundreds of tries. Don’t know why.

  • Jeanette Lamb

    I think I’ll just salvage the batteries out of mine for use in another device.

  • Nova Harris

    Need help my 50w won’t fire just says lock with a battery next to it with ! In it how do I fix this ????

  • Jody Wilson

    I have been using e-leaf i-sticks exclusively for the past year. I have three 20 W and two of those wont hold an atomizer-threading problems. I have three of the 40W and two of them don’t work now..one just says ‘lock’ even when I unlock it. It will work if I keep it plugged in but even then is says battery low. The other one is just dead, no light, no hit, nothing. I am pretty upset that these are junk. Now I have to start over again to find a new mod that I can count on. I am not a sub ohm vaper, I just use regular bottom coil clearomizers.

  • Hey everyone here’s a link to the user manual I found to fix mine. My istick was showing “(!) Lock” when I pressed the button to fire. I switched usb chords and it charged faster and it’s working again after 15 minutes and no more “(!) Lock” message. Maybe you’ll have the same luck; check it out…


  • Shasta4737

    I have an IStick 20 watts that worked fine for several months, but now it’s stuck at 7.5 watts and if I vape it immediately raises to 9.0 watts and the protection signal comes on. I let it sit overnight because I thought it got too hot, but it’s still doing this. Does anyone know what might be wrong and whether I can fix it?