The Best Sploof For Every Occasion

Contrary to what some people believe, using a vaporizer isn’t an invisibility cloak for marijuana use. If you are in a situation where vaping can get you fired, divorced, kicked out of school or put in jail then don’t put yourself in that position.

Also, your genius plan to use air fresheners or masking agents also aren’t ideal as they are so commonly used to hide the smell.

However, if you aware of that and just want to reduce the smell you can use a sploof. Using a homemade or a bought device can help to reduce the odour and the risk.

What is a Sploof

A sploof is a cylinder with a filter that you can blow into to reduce the smell that escapes when smoking weed. The original home made versions were toilet rolls or plastic bottles with the end cut off, stuffed with dryer sheets and covered with a thick sock. After taking a drag you would blow into and it filters the vapor.

Today we will go through the best options to either make your own or to purchase a device.

Vaporizers are Best

For starters the fact that you are using vaporizers instead of smoking helps reduce the odour significantly. The tar in smoke sticks to everything, it carries the smell a long way and lingers in the air. The smell of weed from a vaporizer isn’t as strong and also doesn’t carry or linger as much.

Make Your Own Activated Carbon Sploof

The Best Sploof Design: Carbon Activated
The Best Sploof Design: Carbon Activated

Home made sploofs usually involve a tube, dryer sheets and sometimes a sock. This design works ok but the best sploof ingredient to use is activated charcoal. Activated charcoal removes at least twice the number of particles from the air and sploofs without charcoal. It absorbs particles out of the air and is sold commercially as a filter to remove toxins from water and air.

To make your own you need:

  • A small plastic bottle
  • Activated carbon (pet stores sell this for fish tanks)
  • Paper towel
  • A knife

Follow these steps to create your own carbon activated sploof are:

  1. Put 4 small holes in the bottom of the bottle
  2. Put 1 large hole in the cap of the bottle
  3. Tear a piece of paper towel slightly larger than the height of the bottle
  4. Pour a pile of carbon on one end of the paper towel
    The pile of carbon should be relative to the size of the container you using. The more carbon the better.
  5. Roll it up
    It should look like a really fat joint!
  6. Run water over your filter, this activates the carbon by removing dust
  7. Stuff the wet, towel into a bottle
  8. Put the cap back on and you’re done
    It can be used immediately but you may want to let it dry first.

Blow into the top cap and filtered air will leave the bottom. Smaller containers can be used for smaller portable vaporizers and bigger containers can be used for desktop vaporizers.

You can see a picture of the process here.

Odour Elimination Systems

Xzaler Odor Eliminator
Xzaler Odor Eliminator

If you are serious about eliminating odour you could consider an odour elimination system like the Xzaler. You blow your vapor into this device and it comes out as 100% odour free air.

This device is a well constructed anodized aluminium box that looks like a grow light that you can blow into and it eliminates all the smells. It comes with 2 hoses and 2 hose port adaptors but the device can have up to 4 hoses & adaptors attached simultaneously.

The downsides to using this device are that it needs a power supply and it is quite large.

Buy the Xzaler here.


There you have it, the best home made and bought sploofs to cover your tracks. Have you got a home made sploof design you want to share with us?